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About Oh Comadre




My name is Marcella Gomez. I am a Latina mother, wife, nurse, and candle lover. Oh Comadre started as a form of therapy from the seriousness of health care. The love for candles and the need for an outlet lead me on a long journey that consisted of 16 months of testing for the prefect candle. I went through several waxes and wicks during this time. The result was an organic veggie soy wax candle with a cotton wick. 


Each candle is individually hand poured in Downey, CA by me with mucho amor! I also, realized there was no Latino candles besides the traditional vela. I wanted a candle to represent my culture and celebrate life through a Latina's eyes in hopes to evoke emotion, comfort, and/or a lovely memory. Thanks to all the comadres and compadres who have embraced the candles. Oh Comadre Candles is growing!

I believe we need to laugh, love, and of course enjoy a candle. Try one of my candles and if my candle brings a smile to your face, my mission is accomplished! 


Your Comadre

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